Whether spring 2014 fashion or fashion people's street shooting, the spring of 2014, different shades of blue clothing have their own place, many dazzling spring, the blue clothes can be described as relying on fresh and natural And full of masculine color stand out, the success of "host." So how to match the blue clothes? Through the flowers to pick up women's 2014 spring and summer with the new blue line to see if you can find the answer!

With tips1: Tibetan blue + lemon yellow daring color is very bright


If you think you are following the fashion trend, then this spring, a suit of blue suits is absolutely not without, the flowers spend the Spring Festival 2014 new we blue little suit with a simple printed T-shirt and shorts, also the spring of 2014 Summer popular color lemon yellow, the two major colors collide is very dazzling, this mix of walking in the street is absolutely very good color.

With tips2: light blue + white contrasting snow white

2014春夏流行蓝色衣服  蓝色衣服怎么搭配

No chiffon shirt in the spring seems to know how to spend this spring, both can be used to match the dark blue and white, light blue is also a good choice. Light blue chiffon shirt, white Peter Pan collar slightly plus hot drilling, drape sense of the elegant elegant fabric, with white shorts, blue sky and white clouds like feeling fresh spring breeze to give the feeling.

With tips 3: pink blue + pink age-reducing cutlery

2014春夏流行蓝色衣服  蓝色衣服怎么搭配

Like to go shopping, people will find that previously difficult to attract attention of the pink blue, this year seems to roll over the feeling swept the womens market, pink blue tone of the small suit compared to other colors more gentle and cordial, with the same counter-attack Pink pencil pants, unique style of color to shine dazzling sparks, the spring travel is very nice sunshine!

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