2014 spring and summer women in the end what is popular? Polka Dot, tassels, printing are essential basic models, and the return of lace elements is another major highlight of this season. A variety of lace single product became an unstoppable one of the highest frequency single product on the street. For the lace, maybe some beautiful hearts have some conflict, think it is more or less and erotic some edge, in fact, with the right, but also to create a different temperament oh!


Sea Ji Shi 2014 spring and summer series

And now, lace is no longer white and black so simple, in fact, you can choose more suitable for their own color. Nude color lace is more simple to let you wear a sweet feeling. A lace dress is a smart choice, a piece of stitching leave two summer wear no longer choose the difficulty.

2014春夏流行趋势 性感蕾丝元素如何妙用

Sea Ji Shi 2014 spring and summer series

Lace single product is not necessarily the whole body lace, such as splice also received many people's favorite. Neckline or back of the splicing lace design not only adds a sweet feeling, and may also be able to harvest the unexpected sexy. This fine nude color chiffon shirt is not only wild enough, but also revealed the elegant temperament.

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