Men's clothing was first introduced in overalls. Later, women also left the society from the role of housewives. Tooling was born out of women's fashion and was designed primarily for a comfortable, wide-body dress. Up to now, overalls has become a fashion item that can be controlled by both men and women. It has the handsomeness of military uniforms and the loose comfort of workers. And see how fashionistas wear overalls out of free style and fit modern fashion

Short Silk Sleep Wear

Short Silk Sleep Wear-100% mulberry silk - we use the highest quality 19mm silk, specially ground according to our standards, thus combining pure elegance and luxurious comfort
Exquisite packaging - Pure silk sleep wear dress is suitable for an elegant gift, beautiful bride, romantic night or night in town.

Loose / loose fit means our skin friendly material sleep wear is the most comfortable, so go on - wrapping yourself in silk, even a lazy feeling is absolutely wonderful.

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