In the autumn and winter of 2015, adding a piece of silk to the dress can infuse a sense of luxury for the dress, choose a contrasting material such as a knit and a cotton cloth, and mix and match the fashion effects. This season, it is better to start with a silk shirt with zero threshold!

Dove Prisms

China Dove Prisms,Dove Prism Oam,Prism Dove Rect,Dove Prism Rotation, we offered that you can trust. Welcome to do business with us.Founded in 2014, Bena was co-founded by several experienced engineers who have more than 10 years of optical design, process, production and test. We provide customization service for high precision (rms = 1/100λ, λ=632.8nm), large diameter plane mirror (>500mm) and aspherical lens, as well as professional spherical lens (such as Optical Domes with diameter 280mm), involving different materials including K9, Silicon, Sapphire, SiC, glass ceramics, fused silica, and other various optical glasses, and we can also deal with the nickel-phosphorus alloy surface on different substrates.

Dove Prisms,Dove Prism Oam,Prism Dove Rect,Dove Prism Rotation

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