According to a survey, 67% of gift-providers believe that although the gift industry started late, the market prospects are broad. In fact, under the surface of the Chinese gift industry, there are several sharp knives across the neck of the gift company. . China's gift industry lacks innovative gifts. The reason is that the industry lacks protection of intellectual property rights. One gifter said that the input costs of product innovation, design, and research and development are relatively high, but it is very easy to imitate, which greatly dampens the innovation of gift companies. Enthusiasm. What are the specific difficulties in "difficult" living in the gift business? Let us summarize one by one.

The first "knife": The product homogeneity is serious.

This article began to mention the causes of product homogeneity. The concept of gifts is too broad, so giving customers too much choice, so that customers can not focus, buy a favorite gift takes too much time and effort. In addition, the current gifts mainly include leather goods and small household appliances. There is a lack of new ideas. Many people already have more than one (family) home. If they use the above categories as gifts, such gifts are better than no gifts.

The second "knife": gift positioning low-end market, resulting in low product quality.

When the reporter went to Zhongshan to interview Zhang Wancheng, chairman of Grenache International Gifts, he said that people in China now care too much about prices. The same products often choose products with relatively cheaper prices and lack brand awareness. As a result, Chinese gift companies will receive a large number of orders, but they lack their own brands and can only earn a hard-earned money.

The third "knife": the lack of customer loyalty. Customer loyalty refers to the customer's loyalty to the company's Chengdu. It is the psychological tendency of the customer's satisfaction, trust, maintenance and hope to repeat the purchase of a certain brand or company. Customer loyalty In fact, the city is a kind of customer behavior persistence. There was a statistic showing that 80% of the performance was achieved with 20% of customers, and 20% of performance was from 80% of customers. This means that 80% of the results are from repeated purchases and referrals of old customers, 20%. The performance comes from our newly developed customers.

Compared with other industries, old customers in the gift industry are more likely to lose. Although the era of relationship marketing has become a past tense, it still affects the thinking of business people. If any of the leaders greets you, the customer will give a respect to the customer and turn to the competitor to buy gifts, because if you neglect to maintain the old customers, the loyalty of the old customers is difficult to establish.

New customers often find themselves through advertising or customer introductions, but many new customers are doing "one-shoulder buying and selling." Therefore, if you want to cultivate customer loyalty, you need to use good marketing methods to bind old customers and let new customers constantly transform into old customers.

The fourth "knife": gift companies become "passive groups"

The products produced by the gift company are not the same as the samples provided to customers. Although the customers are not sure what they want, they have very high demands on the products. Gift companies can not meet customer needs, can only follow the customer's "ass" followed closely, resulting in physical and mental fatigue. To say it is still a lack of new products. Recommended to recommend or to the old products, it is difficult for customers not satisfied. Because each gift company cannot "close the door behind the door," it should follow the needs of its customers to produce products that will lead customers better.

The fifth "knife": Gift companies account for a small market share.

Wang Zhigang, vice president of the Chinese Gifts Association, said in an interview with reporters that at present there are already some relatively large gift brands and enterprises in foreign countries, and China’s gift market is currently in the stage of primary competition. There is not a strong brand company, each gift. The company has a very small market share (estimated 1% or so). This has resulted in the gift industry being too fragmented. There are many small and medium-sized gift companies, but few gift companies go public. This is because the company is unclear in positioning, what goods are there, and others do not know what kind of gift company he is.

The sixth "knife": the arrival of agents into the era of low profit causes the profits of gift companies to decline. Now that the gift industry has reached the "early profit era", on the one hand, everything can be used as gifts, and there are too many competitors; it is the symmetry of Internet information. , eliminating the middle of being "dirty" profits. Such as the production of glass products, the average consumer can not see the level of quality of glass, the agent said how much, and after the rise of the Internet, consumers can easily find the lower prices on the Internet, the right to agent pricing is weakened Now.

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