According to the ancient Roman scholar and writer Pliny, in the Pantheon in the ancient Roman city, the main god's cupboard houses the protection god Mars of the Caesar family, and the other is Venus. The imaginative image of the goddess of love, with a pair of earrings secularly, is made up of a large pearl on the Cleopatra Cleopatra earrings, split into two, made the earrings of the god of love. This is ironic, the supreme goddess, an earring is just an earring of a mortal. Even now, Cleopatra's reputation is never under the love of God, this is a woman who is fortunate enough to be associated with love, beauty, and jewelry, as if Miss Venus is only worth half of her honor.

About Cleopatra's pair of pearl earrings, the other has a story.

Legend has it that Cleopatra’s lover, the Roman governor Anthony, has the demeanor of the merchant’s wine cellar. He likes to eat, drink, and play, and often holds a grand banquet in the court. “The singer’s singer is empty and the sky is flying.” This made Yan Hou very unhappy. She invited Anthony and a lot of expensive people to attend their dinner. The Yan Hou was so glamorous and radiant, but the amazing thing was that there was no food or wine at the banquet, and he didn’t believe it when he killed Anthony. The banquet costs millions of Roman coins. In his life like money, the money is a concept. He is a little dizzy, he spends a lot of money, he spends money, he doesn't know money, he knows him.

Then, Yanzhao gestured to the servant to come to a golden cup filled with vinegar. Under the eyes of everyone's confusion, he took a big pearl from the earrings in a fascinating way. This pearl is worth five million gold coins. The beauty that makes people's heart beat faster is not to remove makeup. Instead, the pearl is put into a gold cup filled with vinegar. After the vinegar dissolves the pearl, the toast is no one to drink. When she went to pick another one on the ear, the pearl that was later hung on the ear of Venus, the stunned Anthony quickly grabbed her hand and confessed: "Baby My brother has lost..."

There are many versions of this story, but regardless of the version, the pearl of the priceless city is drunk. If you stay today, which lucky person is in your hand, it is enough for him to eat it for a lifetime without sleep. It’s cool, but it’s a pity that I’m drinking it after a sip. Yan Yan is a woman who likes to drink pearls. Every day, she should drink pearl powder to improve her beauty. The effect is better than "Dabao sees every day."

Although Yan Yan drank pearls every day, she couldn’t touch another big house, Dawei. In the end, Xu Niang died under house arrest. However, Miss Venus, who did not drink pearls, lived long lived, did not make any scandals, nor did she engage. What coup, An An steadily lived to the present, continue to be re-elected in the myth of the love of God, although the earrings she hangs in her ear is only one of Yan Yan.

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