"Water Adidas" closely follow the European and American international trends, leading the fashion. Hong Kong professional designers to create the brand concept, the design inspired by the most social creativity of fashion, vitality, capable personality characteristics in the design concept of "Heiner fashion, excellent taste," as the guide, the integration of simple, natural social epidemic Elements, highlight fashion, health, atmosphere, comfort personality charm. Emphasize the overall design, concise expression of the rich content, full and introverted with the self-expression, exudes a dress of natural, charming and feminine feminine. Adhering to the simple, atmospheric style and styling lines unique understanding. Publicity without losing restraint, concise but without losing the details. From the inside out to reflect the urban women wearing art grade and cultural accomplishment. "Water Adidas" brand rich and reasonable structure to the intense urban life adds a dazzling landscape.


... Brand Style: European and American fashion, simple, atmospheric, natural.
... consumer groups: the psychological age of 20-40-year-old urban-grade women.
... Structure ratio: Popular models: 50%, Fashion models: 40%, Image models: 10%
... Price Positioning: Spring and summer 289-589 yuan, autumn and winter clothes 389-1389
... Market positioning: high-end


Relaxed and comfortable, refined and stylish. Uphold the strong European and American style, the pursuit of elegant, stylish fabric texture and comfortable version, get rid of stiff, people have a sense of distance traditional image, full body perfect female charm, the overall style is simple and detailed design complex in sharp contrast to show confidence Self-reliance personality yet friendly and stylish, easy to depict the new style of modern urban recreation.


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