Ben Wang reported on November 4th that it was a cold autumn rain. In the cool autumn season, windbreaker became the most classic single item everywhere. In particular, the combination of large windbreaker and dress, not only can effectively cover the waist fat, but also add fashion index, interpretation of natural and feminine dress. If you want to use the basic single product to sing charming charm in this season, just ask the fashionistas to dress up!

Refined classic windbreaker, cuffs and waist have a lace configuration, take a slim gray dress inside, with boots, natural and feminine dress.

High-quality windbreaker jacket, particularly good cut type, dignified and generous, but also very natural, hi Shen's black dress as a ride, to create a perfect autumn.

Wide version of the windbreaker jacket, lightweight material, but the waist has a drawstring configuration, scalable adjustments, take a spliced ​​dress, show natural wind.

A windbreaker that looks better on the waistband, and the hem is cut in a circular shape, showing more self-cultivation and a striped skirt to show the casual style.

The simple, wide-width frock coat, which is full of hips, is easy to wear, and has a printed dress to create a lively and lovely atmosphere. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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