Autumn and winter 2014 "QQduck cocoa duck" brand apparel promotion will be when many first-line big flock to the "children's clothing" piece of clothing industry last piece of cake ... ... when everyone will look together in this hot industry children's clothing ...... When the country Is opening up a second child, infancy is about to ... ... when all the dreams of wealth pregnant hard work ...... Do you want to have the horse immediately rich? Do not hesitate, please seize the opportunity! Ten years grinding sword! After 15 years of intensive cultivation of "QQDUCK cocoa duck" children's wear brand is a focus on children's clothing research and development, design, marketing, service and brand operation of China's famous children's wear enterprises. In Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, South Korea set up clothing design R & D center, timely collection of the world's popular information, its brand "QQDUCK cocoa duck" and "QQDUCKmini" children by the vast number of consumers and fashion mainstream media sought after, with sales outlets across the country 1366 homes. Sincerely invite new and old customers come to guide! SHENZHEN SHIDU INDUSTRY CO. LTD Contact: Jiang Yueming Tel:,18680068350 ADD: Room 601-604, Building A, Ying Dali Science Park, No.8 Hongmian Road, Futian Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen Website: //

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