At the end of the college entrance examination, relaxing is the biggest task for every candidate. End the tension and anxiety, and enjoy the leisurely “缦” rhythm life together with the brand home textiles. Baodi Home Textiles series summer cool bed products let you enjoy the "缦" rhythm life of "post-high school entrance examination era".

On the afternoon of the 9th, with the end of the last elective subject test, the 2012 Jiangsu college entrance examination was over. The college entrance examinations across the country have also come to an end. With the advent of the “post-high school entrance exam era”, relaxing the mind and body is the biggest task of every candidate. Ending the tension and anxiety, and enjoying the leisurely “缦” rhythm life together with the brand home textiles.

Clear green tea pillow

Baodi home textiles after the college entrance examination "缦" rhythm life

Most candidates have been eager to have a comfortable sleep without any stress or tension. Peaceful and undisturbed sleep, Qingxin green tea pillow is a fresh dream of the post-college entrance examination era.

Ya Yun Life Summer

Baodi home textiles after the college entrance examination "缦" rhythm life

In the post-college entrance examination era, in addition to the results, fill in the volunteers, and other admission notices. There is nothing important to do, to make up for the owed sleep of the past year, you need a comfortable summer quilt, enjoy carefree, elegant life.

Qingyi on the mirror

Baodi home textiles after the college entrance examination "缦" rhythm life

Three months to transition to university life, candidates can not miss the party leisure in the post-college entrance exam era, this mat will bring you cool and comfortable, let everyone enjoy the warm atmosphere of class reunion.

Table pad description editor
1, in the use of home or office environment, this product can be very good to protect your desktop and mesa, to your furniture and personal bring warm protection.
2, soft glass material resistant to high heat, cold resistant, resistant to acid, alkali, resistance to stress, anti-static, shock resistance, tensile resistance, aging resistance, good light transmission, the use of long life
Table 3, soft light, fluent writing, fast, safe and convenient access to information, help to improve banks, schools, government agencies, corporate documents processing efficiency, and to reduce the cost
4, the restaurant can reduce the cost of cleaning, add elegant appearance of the restaurant. For personal office, warm in winter and cool in summer, elastic, with flame retardant, insulation, moisture resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, corrosion protection, anti shock, deformation, fracture, anti light, anti fade, weatherability;
5, with anti-static, in the telecommunications, electronics, computer companies, the use of precision instruments on the desktop is an essential product. Now many of the computers used by the company have been replaced by a glass desktop, with a soft glass replacement.
Table mat features
The main table mat is made of antistatic material and dissipative static material, such as rubber. The surface layer is about 0.5mm thick dissipative electrostatic layer, the bottom layer is about 1.5mm thick conductive layer. Commonly used for 2mm double layer composite structure. Table mat use time lasting, has good acidproof, anti alkali, anti chemical flux properties, and wear resistance, easy cleaning. Conductive mat is made of high quality conductive materials, synthetic rubber.
The material and the characteristics of the crystal table mat. Come and learn about: first we know oh, soft glass, also known as the crystal plate: is a new generation of high-tech products, it replaces the traditional glass heavy fragile, wounding disadvantage outside it has a lot of advantages.
It is suitable for the dining table, desk, desk, bedside table and all the table. The high degree of transparency, and can heat the soup, tea, cold resistance, weight, non-toxic and tasteless, green environmental protection.
After scientific design, the use of imported PVC new health and environmental protection materials.
The characteristics of high resilience and high resistance to compression and compression can be suitable for a variety of environments.
It has the characteristics of non toxic, soft and transparent, safe insulation, easy cleaning and so on.
The overall heat deformation, high temperature resistance, chemical stability, non stick paint, aging is not easy.
Crystal board can be quite furniture long service life; effectively prevent burns, cuts, scratches and other external damage, make your furniture gets more effective protection.
A glass plate is pressed on a lot of desk, which is convenient for writing. Now, a new type of material is soft glass instead of glass become the people's favorite. At work, it is widely used in electronics, chemistry, pharmacy, food factory, garment factory, working platform, the surface of a variety of office machines, etc.. Family life, it is widely appeared in the glass surface, can not only reflect the true nature of the glass, fashion, and can prevent the glass furniture surface scratch.
Table mat/PVC Mat made of material
1) material: PP/PVC
2) material: soft PVC
3) material SBR PVC/PP+EVA/ or natural rubber, etc
4) material: soft glass
5) PVC foaming [1]
6) material: crystal plate
9) material: chemical fiber
10) material: Plush
Role of table mats
In daily life, table mats to the people's life brings convenience, for example, can be used in the table, table, desk pad can not only protect desktop is not hot imprint, is not hot off color and hands up will give a person a kind of comfortable feeling, in addition to the dinner table can also be used for desk, coffee table, a few party, desk, ark of the head of a bed, as long as the table, can use table mat.

Pvc Placemat

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