In this age of taste and fashion submerged, tasteful women should be like this, with a graceful figure, wearing fashionable clothing, gestures show the charm of women everywhere, " Xian Ye Mu " brand women , high-end design Style, Western style of the details of performance, high-quality materials, always showing the elegance of women and noble, filling a woman's charming and enchanting. "Sin also Mu" brand women, enjoy extraordinary temperament and fashion.


Pure yellow color of the Department of design, there is a retro elegance, there is a classic soft, is a charm appeal, Shirt plaid design is the theme of fashion forever, elegant and stylish Pants, sexy fashion full. The entire costume, simple, generous, at this time here, but also to taste a different woman charm. With a pair of dark blue flat shoes, is a clever conversion of visual impact, inadvertently, this atmosphere has been fully released.

糖果色秋冬装单品推荐 乐享非凡时尚

Generous loose blue shirt, pure colors, simple style design and a little decorative flower decoration, it seems passionate, feminine charm, brown casing, more like a care-type care, accompanied by a flesh color Stockings, at this time can actually be so enchanting, so fashionable clothing will elegant women beautifully decorated.

Disposable elastic medical consumable non-woven Shoe Cover is made by non-woven material.Persons through the wear shoe covers.They can prevent the dust on the shoes into some clean place. They are anti-skid,water proof and dustproof.

They can used in home,computer room and other place of some clean.They are convenient,practical life to add color.They are the best choice for the persons.

Disposable PE Shoe Cover is waterproof. We offer a large selection of PE Shoe Cover with different thickness and colors. Qianteng Garment also supply other medical products like Non Woven Disposable Surgical Caps, Non woven Disposable Surgical Caps.

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