Cassidy brand was founded in 2009, with "all for children" brand concept, promote new fashion children's wear. The products are located in the 1-8 year-old children's high quality, low price, the pursuit of the style of "fashion, simplicity, lively, healthy" companies are now using self-franchise chain Franchise business model, the sales network quickly The major cities in the country opened up. Now has a work enthusiasm, unity, innovation-conscious team. Companies uphold the spirit of pragmatic innovation, in the management of the introduction of advanced management and vigorously recruited a large number of marketing management personnel. In order to give full play to the company's resources and human resources, and other advantages, to jointly create a strong international children's clothing brand, based children's clothing industry leaders. Cassidy children's clothing, with the most simple style, carefully with the details of the classic color contrast, direct and rich revealed innocent and cute children. Let Baby's childhood life has a simple elegance and cute.

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