Chemical fiber film grade polyester chip features
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Yizheng chemical fiber film grade polyester chip introduction

a. Masterbatch type FG610

Product features: continuous production of large equipment, stable quality; good anti-adhesive, used in combination with base type slicing, good compatibility and film formation. Has excellent film forming properties.

b. Base type FG620

Product features: It can improve the attaching performance of the cold drum, effectively improve the film pulling speed, improve the antistatic performance of the product, and have excellent film forming properties.

c. Anti-stick FG630

Product features: Compared with base type slicing, it can be used without or without masterbatch, and can also be directly used for surface film formation, with excellent anti-stick properties and film forming properties.

Product use: Membrane-grade slicing series products can be used to produce all kinds of packaging film, printing film, aluminized film, bronzing film, matt film, high transparent film, high-strength gold wire film, tape film, insulating film, card film, Capacitor film, etc.