March 26, 2012, Beijing China International Exhibition Center ushered in the highly watched Twentieth China International Fashion Fair. Major domestic and foreign well-known brand clothing have one show in Beijing clothing exposition style. These apparel brands were from China, France, Britain, Italy and other 19 countries and regions. In these dazzling array of apparel brands, the first release of the Binh Duong Pilot Fresh Air Series has attracted the attention of many distributors, professionals and visitors. Body styling novelty chic three years later, Bin Iraq slaves once again appeared in China International Clothing & Accessories Fair. It is reported that the Bin Yi Slavery Pavilion is the second largest CHIC monomer booth for the E2 area E2228 booth area of ​​252 square meters, the exhibition hall bold and innovative style of the fighter to win the public figure shines. Bin Yi Nuo Air Travel series maiden voyage in the exhibition the same day at 10:00 AM in 2012CHIC Beijing Clothing Fair E2228 Museum officially opened for the public. On the eve of the opening of the booth attracted a large number of visitors, professionals and photographers came to take a group photo. According to the company's exhibitors introduction, after the official opening, Bin Yi slave on the "stewardess" ready to start, to meet the guests, the museum has long been surging. 4 static models such as Broadway-style display in the display window, put on a variety of shapes, attracting a large number of people come to come group photo visit. You attend the show under the guidance of the "flight attendants" warm and friendly, with their own business cards to exchange boarding pass, you can enter the pavilion, in the "fighter" first class pavilion, visit the Bin Iraqi slave For the first time this fair and the new air travel series of new products, after the visit, the guests left the cabin can also rely on the "boarding pass" in exchange for Bin Yiu beautiful gifts. According to incomplete reunification morning Bin Yi Nu Hall received more than 1,000 "travelers", the scene is extremely hot. "The shape of the exhibition hall is embodied in the form of an airplane. It is mainly the theme of the new product of our tour-the Air Travel Fresh Air Products Series." Wang Ren Award, chairman of Bin Yiu Nuo (China) Co., Ltd., said in an interview with the media. It is understood that the design, exhibition and related activities of Bin Iu Booth are planned and executed jointly by over 50 elite designers, global media resources agencies, fashion professionals and other outstanding teams. Through this exhibition, Slave brand brewing creative twentieth anniversary of the upgrade. The new Air Travel series debut The show, Bin Iraq slave brought a new series of products for the first time available, creating a new trend of clothing style. "Travel series of new series is through Bin Yi slave new cutting-edge design team to develop the main new.Through the investigation and analysis of international trends, system development, Air Travel Series clothing is different from the previous Bin Yi Nu main youth leisure series, on the one hand Interpretation belongs to the Italian Air Force's unique self-confidence, handsome, resolute character; on the one hand shows the cruise life and Mediterranean romantic feelings. "Wang Ren Award, Chairman of the Road, the origin of this new series. According to reports, this series of very clear style, interpretation of the Italian Air Force belongs to the unique self-confidence, handsome, resolute personality, but also to demonstrate the romantic life of the Air Travel and the Mediterranean. Product design to functional dress as the design focus, the emblem decorative badges and uniform style elements together, the design clever use of badges, medal, decoration, shields, class and other elements, to create a high-quality brand style and distinctive Clothing functionality. Retro-based fabrics, passed out in the work, vacation, parties and other occasions with different styles, showing a handsome personality style. Voyage series focus on contrasting colors, the use of color on the continuation of the vitality of the army green, thick mysterious classic black, adds a rich warm coffee color, publicity red and low-key embellishment color dark red. Product structure, including long-sleeved shirt T-shirts, knitted sweaters, cotton clothes, woolen trench coat, short jacket, PU jacket, jeans, bags of pants, Leggings and other rich categories. Believe fashion people through the emphasis on the level of dress with this series of clothing can be used to create a high-quality casual style and unique dress features, leading the latest and coolest fashion trends. In recent years, the casual wear market has shown an increasingly larger market space and a smaller and smaller market segment. In addition to the traditional "public leisure" brand, the market also appeared to trend to high-end local fashion leisure brand. Bin Yi Nu this fashion and distinctive design concept and the most wonderful visual feast brought to the CHIC stage, the continuation and extension of Bin Yi Nu in the casual fashion market position. "Bin Yiu exhibitors will lead the brand new force of creativity, fashion brand new interpretation of the idea, but also the release of new brand energy, promote the brand's innovative and in-depth innovation .Fashion models of casual wear." Wang Ren Award stressed. With the market pattern of the apparel industry, trends have emerged diversified trends, Bin Iraq slave to "quality is the life of the brand, the design is the soul of the brand." Time and time again, the design elements are taken seriously, guiding domestic garment brands to focus on design, designing talents, and seeking the role of brand core competitiveness and differentiated competition. Bin Yi Nu in the vitality, leisure and fashion to find a balance point, to find closer to life, promote young fashion lifestyle, from the design elements to find the inner peace and confidence, so as to arouse people's relentless pursuit of life goals; casual, fashion To remodel the young fashion realm, creating a precedent for value-added brand design.

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