Cleverly protect your home textile during the wet season

The wet season cleverly protects your home textiles. The unpredictable weather is testing our physical quality. At the same time, we have a lot of troubles for everyone. The air is damp, and it is easy to have clothes, bedding, etc., which are caused by moisture, and mildew. . How to deal with these problems ingeniously, we will solve your problems now.

First, curtains ordinary cloth curtains can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, but the fabrics that are easy to shrink should be dry-cleaned as much as possible; canvas or linen curtains should be wiped with a sponge or some warm water or soapy liquid, and then rolled up after drying; velvet fabric is cleaned Soak the curtains in the neutral cleaning solution first, gently press them by hand, wash them and put them on the shelf, so that the water will drip automatically, which will make the curtains clean as new; the curtains made of electrostatic flocking cloth are not too It is easy to be dirty and does not need to be cleaned frequently. If it is to be cleaned, do not soak it in water for washing or brushing. Just wipe it with cotton gauze and rub it with alcohol or gasoline. Do not twist it hard to avoid fluff, which will affect the appearance.

For the cleaning of window sills, enamel and lace, the lace 帷幔 should be soaked with water, then washed with warm water added with soda, and then washed with washing powder or soapy water. Do not use machine-washed screens, especially thinner yarns such as glass yarn, and wash them directly with warm water and detergent solution or soapy water twice.

Roller blinds or soft finished curtains can be wiped with a rag or a warm water-soluble detergent or a little ammonia solution. Some parts are glued, so be careful not to enter the water. The higher-grade finished curtain can be waterproof, so don't worry about this. When cleaning the roller blinds, first pull down the dirty roller curtains, flatten them, and wipe them with a cloth. Since the middle of the roller is usually empty, a long stick can be used, and the end is tied with fluff. When the ground is turned, the dust can be removed.

Second, the cleaning frequency of bedding products can be determined according to personal hygiene habits. Before the first use, rinse with water once, wash the surface of the pulp and dyed floating color, so that it will be soft to use, and it will not fade easily in the future.

Cotton fabrics can not use detergents containing bleaching agents. Generally, the soaking time is no more than half an hour, and the water temperature does not exceed 30 °C. Silk, silk, and soy fibers cannot use detergents containing biological enzymes. It is recommended to use silky detergent. Adding vinegar can increase the gloss; wool and cashmere should be avoided to avoid soaking for a long time, detergents containing biological enzymes should not be used, other detergents should be used with caution; silk, bamboo fiber and chemical fiber can not be soaked with high temperature water, silk and bamboo fiber Do not dry when machine wash, avoid ironing on the surface of velvet fabric; do not rub or twist when washing linen products.

Cotton and hemp products are folded neatly in a collection, and a certain amount of mothballs are placed in a dark place, where the humidity is low and the ventilation is good; the wool quilt and the duvet are required to be aired, and then the quilt is allowed to cool and then folded, and placed in storage. Insecticide, placed in a dry place, can not be stressed, can be dry-cleaned; when the silk is used, if it is not exposed to moisture, it should be air-dried in a cool place, air-dried and then folded, placed in the insecticide during storage, placed in a dry place; White silk products should not be placed in the chopsticks or placed in a coffin box, otherwise they will yellow.

Third, the fabric sofa at least once a week, pay attention to remove dead spots, dust between the fabric structure.

If the mat can be converted, it should be turned over once a week to evenly distribute the wear. It is also possible to take the mat outdoors and tap it to loosen the internal fibers and keep the sofa elastic.

If stains are stained, wipe them off with a clean cloth. In order not to leave a mark, it is best to smear from the outside of the stain. Velvet furniture should not be wet, and dry cleaning agents should be used. You can put a clean damp cloth on the sofa and then iron it on the iron at a lower temperature. This will allow the moisture and dirt that penetrates the paint film to evaporate. When using this method, the rag should not be too Thin, the temperature of the iron must not be too high.

All cloth covers and bushings should be cleaned by dry cleaning, not washable, and bleaching is prohibited.

If you find that the thread is loose, don't break it with your hands. Use scissors to cut it flat.

You can use a special cleaning agent for sofa or carpet, use a clean white cloth to smear a small amount of medicine, and wipe it repeatedly in the dirty place until the stain is removed. Do not scrub with plenty of water to prevent water from seeping into the inner layer of the sofa, causing the frame inside the sofa to be damp, deformed, and sofa cloth. Shrinking, affecting the overall appearance of the sofa. If there is a large area of ​​stains, you should ask the professional fabric sofa cleaning team to serve you. Upscale fabric sofas should be cleaned every 10 months under normal conditions to keep the fabric sofa clean.

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