Now that the apparel industry is facing a crying curve, everyone wants to turn it into a smiling curve, but the problem is that most companies do not know how to make the transition, or the cost of the transition is too high, so it's just day by day. China exports more than 20 billion garments a year, which is equivalent to 3 garments for everyone in the world, but the output value is very low. The front and back ends of the apparel industry with high added value are occupied by foreign companies.

The current advantage of China's garment industry is low cost, cheap products can be manufactured, and sold at low prices. This term in marketing is called "Originally gone." The problem encountered by this model is that consumers do not necessarily buy these cheap things, because in the long run, there is no marketing ability, no brand influence, and relying solely on the product itself cannot satisfy consumers.

There are no better and better things in the world, but also cheap things. If the iPhone is not adopting a high-pricing strategy, it will only sell the cost with a meager profit, can it sustain sustainable development and innovation? I think it can't be done.

The Chinese boss has a misunderstanding. He feels that the cost of the product itself is very cheap and can be sold out by adding some money. But think about it. What does it depend on for continuous innovation? Just doing a simple revamp plus low cost, our business is very easy to fall into the "low price trap." In marketing, there is a saying that "consumers will not be grateful for buying cheap things." Low-priced products do not provide much benefit to consumers, but in the end your company does not have the ability to continue to innovate. People will not buy it sooner or later.

So the most important thing is to establish your own brand advantage and let consumers recognize your brand. International brand-name products will not be a lot of efforts in the revamping, most of them are relatively simple, consumers in addition to buying their designs, often buy their brands. To see Prada, Armani, have their own brand of distinctive style terminal, so the brand image and philosophy is even more important.

A rising power must have its own clothing brand. There has never been a country that does not match its brand status and economic status during the economic take-off. Therefore, the biggest problem in the transformation of the apparel industry in the next 30 years should be the brand.

I think the fashion industry is essentially a fashion industry, not a manufacturing industry. Everyone is pursuing his own personality in dressing. Say that Chinese cottage, in fact, the largest cottage brand is ZARA, their designers will go to the world to see the show, after reading the imitation of big-name design. But what is worth learning is their rapid follow-up and new products every week. Many Chinese bosses only open two orders each year, but consumer demand has been subdivided into seasons and even solar terms. Therefore, we must learn to perceive, understand, and meet the real needs of target consumers.

Our entrepreneurs must know that when one's own company transitions from a processing company to a brand operator, the proportion of production costs is greatly reduced. In the apparel industry, the most important cost should come from two pieces. The first is the design cost and the second is the brand cost. Brand is the most important thing for enterprises to communicate with consumers. To build a good brand image enables consumers to remember your brand and fall in love with your brand, thus turning the transaction into a kind of “loyalty consumption”.

With the appreciation of the ***, land and labor costs have risen, and the center of the world's garment manufacturing industry has begun to shift to Vietnam, the Philippines and even some countries of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Under this circumstance, we must use a more forward-looking vision to achieve industry transformation, build our apparel brand better, and create a “smile power” for the apparel industry.

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