Colorful beauty of the charm of close personal comfort care, so you have no worries in the social arena to showcase their own unique charm! Colorful beauty of the heart of the elegant with unobtrusive luxury; sexy revealed sweet cute; mature and youthful collision, to give you a different kind of mood.


Colorful Beauty, similar to the brand, "strategic win, coquettish independence" strong brand awareness.

Colorful Beauty, and perfect the same, high-quality raw materials and distinctive design style combination.

Elegant and not publicity, concise and not simple, tailored to every detail, all reveal the wonderful wonderful people, with a ubiquitous surprise, reflect the bit by bit of life fun, bring you unparalleled caring feelings.

Yarns made from latest newly developed functional fibers have many characteristics such as far infrared,anti-UV,anti-bacteria,abrasion resistant,mediem elasticity,moisture absorbent,light appearance,flame retardant

New Production Technology Series

New production, technology fiber,super soft yarn, vortex yarn,cationic polyester fiber

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