Guangzhou Mei Li Ya Clothing Co., Ltd is a research, design, production and sales of women's fashion business. Adhere to the "fashion and original" design concept, with Chinese original design combined with the international pop elements, in the high-end apparel positioning.
Companies adhering to the international ISO9001 quality certification system operation, the full implementation of electronic information management, the formation of fabric development, product design, production and sales integration of the international advanced quality management system.
The company's "DULL" brand apparel, its design style sensitive, fashion, romance, art, classic elegance, focus on the inner beauty of the spiritual field of the show, the pursuit of deep-level beauty.
No matter how the fashion evolution, the latest fashion lines into use. To be proud of the woman is able to balance the modern fashion art.


Exclusive proud women's distribution does not flow to the vulgar femininity

Dull clothing brand free to show the new new women confident, beautiful, strong, more independent and thus more successful. At the same time a feminine from the inside out in the Dull get fully stretched. Suitable for modern urban women aged 20-35. Internationalization, atmospheric fashion vision, practical design language, is the designer's perfect insistence. Cutting the body of the combination of natural and details of the pursuit of comfort, highlighting the classic Dull brand style to show elegant and stylish.

独傲女装 散发不流于俗的女人味

Exclusive proud women's distribution does not flow to the vulgar femininity

Dull, will also be eternal, Dull brand forever!

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