On April 25, 2014, GHYCI Women's Autumn 2014 New Orders will be grandly held in Shenzhen Qushui Shan Hotel. In this order meeting, GHYCI women's brand was highly praised by agents and franchisees and signed the contract successfully. Order will draw a successful conclusion.

GHYCI2014 autumn new orders will inherit the success of the past experience, always adhere to the brand of international, while adding many fashion elements, bright spots, the industry's elite strong support and positive response, fully reflects the GHYCI brand excellence, Li Zhen Perfect entrepreneurial spirit and its powerful strength.


In order to be sensitive to the trend of international fashion, at the same time close to the fashion needs of domestic urban women. Design the pursuit of "noble, confident, generous, personality, fashion, sexy" philosophy, and strive to perfect. Three-dimensional cut, highlighting the simple, atmospheric fashion elements, inclusive, through the perfect workmanship create a unique personality of women.

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