In order to Hunan and the surrounding area to join the majority of underwear to provide convenience to customers, to further consolidate Kang Lui underwear in the league to join the industry leader. After intense preparations, Shenzhen Kang Lu Ni Underwear Co., Ltd. Hunan Office was officially established on July 1, And appoint Long Wenbo Hunan Office Manager, Hu Bo, Zhu Linghua as regional manager. At this point, Kang Lanyi brand underwear brand in the national league rankings has risen another stage.
At present, Kang Lanyi brand underwear is in the national strategic layout stage, the Hunan office mainly focus on market development and maintenance of the current and franchisee in Hunan under the full support of the franchisee underwear chain, teamwork, the implementation of effective, Professional and efficient business philosophy throughout Hunan and the country; to strengthen the confidence of franchisees to play the polymerization effect of the regional market, and underwear franchisee together Imagine the future! This means that Kang Lui Ni aim at underwear franchise list goals to all regions of the country radiation development strategy is a big step forward.

This is not just a strategic point of progress, but also Kang Lanyi underwear brand in Hunan into a new business philosophy and brand image of the terminal development channels. Next, this team of passion, pragmatism and diligence Kang Lui Ni will continue to unswervingly implement the company's development strategy, build "free franchise fee, with franchisee location and make a written assessment, free to provide franchisee design Underwear shop decoration drawings and decoration submissions, the Department of Supervision commissioned to assist franchisees to carry out the shelf installation and product sliver demonstration and underwear knowledge training "and other underwear before and after the opening of the whole shop worry-free service system, a series of generous underwear to join the policy to ensure cooperation Partner's ultimate interests and sustainability.

The establishment of the Hunan Office marks the key step of the brand strategy of underwear brand under the Camden brand lingerie and kicks off the brand's entry into the market of Hunan, the surrounding cities, and the opening of a new journey for the underwear brand of Catering Co., To the national underwear franchise list sprint, is rapidly growing China's underwear chain industry's leading brand.

Shenzhen Kang Lu Ni Underwear Co., Ltd. Hunan Zhuzhou Office Office related information:

Address: Lusong District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province apartment 1707 earth

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