Good quality warm male Fuzi Yu, tell you cute dressing tips! In "He came to close his eyes" Iraq is always a refreshing shirt style appears, bright smiley face, Su to the heart of the people. He is not only thin Jin Yan competent intimate friends, but also to discuss Jane Yao mother favor, warm heart burst index table. See here, you can do not think that as long as the emotional intelligence can warm the second man, but also like Fuzi Yu know how to wear it. TV series, the actor's light can not hide the charm of Yin Zheng. As the best medical doctor, Fuzi Yu is not only high emotional intelligence, IQ is not bad. Perhaps not all medical doctors love white, Fu Zi Yu is the exception. Septwolves designers with dark blue and dark green hit color match, highlighting the wisdom and connotation of men, coupled with Fuzi met serious expression, the success of handsome new heights! Casual jacquard long-sleeved shirt shirt is no exception is the best man fashion partner. Shirts can not only show the sexy shape of a man, but also give a fresh feeling, if the boys want to see the "future mother-in-law," like the same way to the elders to make a good impression, then choose the shirt wrong. Septwolves new blue checkered shirt, dark blue and light blue staggered, as if the sparkling lake in the sun, clever cuff design, people shines. With casual jeans, sunny youth shape, handsome to impeccable. Long-sleeved casual shirt lattice In the play, Fuzi Yu always for "high IQ low emotional business" good friends crushed the heart, the gentle and gentle is definitely a man's role model. Not only that, his taste of dressing in the play can definitely be the object of reference. Septwolves new shirt, with smooth and delicate high-quality fabrics, reflecting the details of men's taste, simple and generous design, highlighting the quality of excellence, to do high-quality men, grasp the details from the beginning. Lattice casual sleeves Septwolves fashion help the TV series "he came, please close your eyes", so that "romance" and "exploration" double-track parallel, fashion style between the fierce cold and refreshing beauty of the free conversion. TV star costume with the same clothing in the seven wolves official store and the line of major stores one after another on the new, welcome to buy, high-quality god of the gods was born.

Carpet Secondary Backing

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