According to LeviStrauss & Company, from a rural cotton field in India to a local garment storage warehouse, a pair of blue jeans needs to consume 919 gallons of water during its life cycle. This water can fill up to 15 spa-sized bathtubs. This includes irrigating cotton water, sewing jeans, and washing jeans at home.

The company hopes to reduce the use of jeans by all means, which is not just environmental responsibility. The company is worried that due to the shortage of water resources caused by climate change, cotton will become more expensive and increasingly scarce, which may threaten the survival of the company in the coming decades.

Therefore, in order to protect his bottom line, Levi Strauss helped to underwrite and support a non-profit project that educated the Farmers Institute of India, Pakistan, Brazil and West Africa on the latest irrigation technology and rainwater harvesting technology. The company has launched a brand that features stone-washed denim, which uses a rock to smooth the denim without water. All of the company’s jeans are spliced ​​to the top, urging customers to reduce their laundering and only use cold water. Levi Strauss recommends washing jeans lightly. In theory, the jeans can be placed in the refrigerator to kill the bacteria that make the jeans taste.

It's not just the clothing giants who have the awareness of protection: Food and Beverage Group, companies and metal and mining companies have also begun to face their high dependence on water. For example, Pepsi has accepted a method of disinfecting plastic bottles with purified air at a factory in Georgia instead of disinfecting with water. The Frito-Laybrands branded the drought-tolerant potato line to farmers and provided a soil monitoring method that allows farmers to water the crop when it is needed.

The Carbon Disclosure Project is a team that monitors company greenhouse gas emissions as a priority, and recently they have increased water safety issues. Last year, the team sent a questionnaire to the world's largest company, of which 150 companies responded. Of the 150 companies, nearly 40% reported that the water problem has caused "adverse effects" on their business.

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