Haijia Shi brand women full access to opportunities, innovative marketing ideas to brand management as the core, focus on building to join the agents as the mainstay of the modern commercial marketing system in all provinces and cities in the country to establish more than 100 franchisees, through the network Sales system, with wisdom and the courage of competition, franchising as a good start to develop business and seize the good market, the results achieved in the industry impressive.


Haijia Shi brand women's franchise franchise business system and self-sales system, the establishment of standardized management of the brand-name processing enterprises consortium, a comprehensive interpretation of the fashion leisure brand, highlighting Haijia Shi fashion avant-garde image, through the introduction of branded products, to achieve Personalized fashion and popularity, fashion lifestyle representatives. We call it "brand operation, both ends". Through the establishment of its own brand, the use of modern management concepts to integrate resources, product design and development, surface materials supply, garment production and processing, quality management, sales, brand development and maintenance of collaborative operations, and strive to achieve win-win, win-win-win-win situation.

海嘉仕品牌女装 打造加盟经营的成功经典力作

The introduction of joining agents like "build a nest lead phoenix", forming a warm family, co-founded Haijia Shi brand women's career. Sea Jia Shi agents to join the request is very high, not casually introduced. The terminal stores, the company from the location, staff positioning, decoration, training, services, brand management, Haijia Shi women's high-end terminals to form a modular comprehensive competitiveness.

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