[Dr. Ben-Shoes] The extremely curious Xiao Bian, for the various “controversy” topics that have long been circulating on the Internet, expressed their desire for success, in order to satisfy themselves and the rookie’s curiosity, and led everyone to work together To find out the truth. We are not scientists, we are not chemists, we are not medical scientists, we are just a small health gossip detective! There is no health, only healthier! The truth is always only one!

Platform shoes make body imbalance easy

Japanese girls are the most women in the world who love to wear platform shoes. However, a recent study by a Japanese school found that 23% of women suffered physical discomfort when walking on the street wearing platform shoes and fell to the ground, causing injuries.

Flat shoes lead to heel pain

"If you are unhealthy in high heels, why don't you choose to wear flat shoes?" Many people think that wearing a pair of shoes is a good idea. Shoes should not be too high nor should they be too flat and light. Long-term wear flat shoes will also accelerate the degradation of the plantar ligament and bone tissue, causing heel pain.

Leggings high-heeled sandals are hazardous

The strappy sandals are elegant enough, but strappy sandals are one of the most wearable shoes. When you think about straps, in order to prevent the straps from sliding down, it is very likely that the calves will be tightly tied and the blood flow will be poor during the process. As a result, you will know why the leg is out of the way.

Ultra high heels hurt the spine

It is undeniable that the higher the heels are, the more beautiful, and the more detailed, the more charming. But as long as wearing more than 5cm high heels, the human body will not adapt. Because of the heel lift, the center of gravity will fall on the forefoot, making the stability of the ankle worse, and the risk of ankle sprains.

Pointed shoes squeezed toes

Retro style has hit again! Long skirts, pointed shoes, rivets, are the same fashion. Pointed-toe shoes have a plastic effect on the toe, making the toe end gather together and easy to form thumb valgus. The space at the tip of the shoe is small, and the air is difficult to circulate, making it easy to breed bacteria.

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