Some boys begin to change in junior high school, junior high school is a puberty, some boys began to deteriorate, the character becomes poor, began to rebel, choose clothes also began to differ, will have their own ideas, then how to choose junior high school and boys Wear clothes? Offside juvenile equipment specifically for teenagers at this stage to create fashion outfit, quickly with Xiaobian to look at it. Pullover can be worn alone, can also be used as the ride, offside juvenile wear a white stitching black sweater pullover, with black and white shirt, the lower body is the focus of the trend, a casual black shorts, coupled with black leggings, so Is not it with the tide it? Coupled with cap handsome handsome. Hood sweater style collocation, black sweater a little white sweater embellishment, the lower body is black slacks match, hedging sweater can also be used with shirts Oh. Xiaobian think black and white students are very fond of, should be more like boys, not only with a good, but also very handsome to wear, little boys like their own cool, so that we have to keep returning.

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