Hot drilling is very common in our lives, a variety of styles, shapes, colors. In fact, hot drilling is also classified.

1, Austria "Swarovski" hot drilling

The gum is gray. There are three types of products: 14 cuts, 12 cuts and 8 cuts. Among them, 12 cuts are currently discontinued, and 8 cuts are only white and white. 14 cut product color and specifications are more complete. Its material contains 30% lead, hot drilling temperature is 175 degrees, comprehensive defective rate of 3% -5%, excellent quality, solid and reliable, can withstand washing and dry cleaning. However, the price is high and it is a non-mainstream market product.

2 Czech hot drilling

The adhesive is transparent and has bubbles. It is an 8-section product with 25% lead and an ironing temperature of 140 degrees. The overall defective rate is 3%-5%. The quality is excellent. The price is second only to the Austrian diamond, which is a mainstream market product.

3, South Korea hot drilling

The back is light green, 10 sections, lead content is about 5%, ironing temperature is about 120 degrees, comprehensive defective rate is 3%-5%, after years of market verification, reliable quality, excellent washing Fastness, pure color, uniform cutting, and low price are the mainstream market products.

4, domestic hot drilling

On the back is a dark green, 8-section product, no lead, and the ironing temperature is 80 degrees. The defective rate is high, the fastness is poor, and there are different shades of color. Because of its low price, it occupies a certain market share, and is mainly used in mass-produced garments.

5, domestic acrylic

Strictly speaking, acrylic is not a diamond. It is a product between plastic and glass. The brightness is good and the firmness is poor. The temperature of hot drilling should not be too high. If it exceeds 80 degrees, it may cause acrylic melt. Often used in low-end children's clothing.

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