Coral jade is a fossil jade that has been formed after hundreds of millions of years of crustal movement, geothermal torment, and high temperature and high pressure. Coral fossils are coral reefs that form coral reefs and are infiltrated by carbon calcium. After hundreds of millions of years of crustal changes, the geothermal rot is long. After the high temperature and high pressure, the fossil is formed, and the appearance of the pattern is bright and distinct like chrysanthemum. The jade expert calls it the chrysanthemum jade alias for the wealthy jade. It is called "organic gem" in the international Yellowstone discussion.


Coral jade patterns will have different natural patterns due to the size and type of corals. The flower petals are clear, or radial, or curled, or dazzling, closely arranged and rich in color; It is more beautiful, the red is like blood, the powder is like peach, the yellow is rich, and the white is like white fat; it makes people feel like they are in a sea of ​​chrysanthemums, and they can't put it down. Non-renewable is the reason why coral stone and coral fossil jade are increasingly precious. Because the production area is scarce, it is extremely difficult, so the prices of these years have risen year by year, and it is a rare collector-grade treasure. The value of the carefully crafted coral stone and coral fossil jade crafts in the modern antiques market is increasing. At the auctions held in various places, the price of coral stone is often surprisingly high.

As the color and color pattern are "unique" of the millennium spirits, thousands of charming, shiny, crystal clear, warm and pleasant, not enough to depict the beauty of coral jade one thousandth. When it comes to collections, coral jade is still in a good time to collect investment. As more and more collectors recognize it, it is not surprising that its value continues to increase.

Qatari Style Robe For Men

Item: Men's qatari robe

Fabric: shinning fabric, goods selling.

Size: 54-62 accoring customized

For Kids: 30-52


Packing: regular packing is 1pc/poly bag, 1doz/box, 6doz/carton

Moq: 500doz for 1 design.

order time: after depoist, 50-70days

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