There are many kinds of modern crystal crafts, which are carved from colorless crystals, various kinds of pretty crystals, hair crystals, etc., or flowers and animals, or character story carvings, crystal balls, etc., including all kinds of accessories.

From a collection point of view, the collection of modern crystal crafts depends on the texture. Good crystal crafts, the material texture should be pure, smooth and crystal. In terms of impurities, it is impossible to generalize. Some impurities have become the inclusions for crystal enhancement. Even if it is really flawed, it may be “devilized and magical”. Second, we must look at the processing technology. Good crystal crafts should be refined, not only to fully display the external beauty of crystal products, but also to maximize the inner beauty. Of course, in general, the processing of crystal products with good texture will not be too bad. In turn, the fine crystal texture should be good.

The price of modern crystal crafts mainly consists of two parts: raw material price and processing cost, of which processing fees often account for more than half, so its price is relatively less affected by fluctuations in raw material prices. A modern crystal handicraft called art is a dual crystallization of nature and human power. It can not only show the magic of nature, but also show the craftsman's superb skills, usually worth a lot, and has a high collection. value. The identification of crystal raw materials is not too difficult at present, so the collection of modern crystal crafts mainly depends on the collector's artistic appreciation ability.


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