Although we can not live in mansion can not open a car, but the style of dress ladies we can still learn to master. Fashionable ladies wind allows you to wear a good temperament, temperament attractive, more attractive temperament charm, because the beauty is one day to fade, and temperament is accumulated over time and deep. So how to dress and dress temperament? Diskin Kay Fashion Women 2014 spring and summer new to teach you, rich style to create a good temperament woman!


Almost all the aristocratic winds are inseparable from a white dress, simple white dress can always map the best side of the female heart. Diskin Kay women's spring and summer new style of white palace dress, beautiful daisy shape with texture Eugen yarn, luxury and yet luxurious little girl shy cute, with white accessories and rose red high heels, sweet temperament overwhelming the whole piece.

怎样穿衣打扮有气质 迪斯廷·凯打造气质女人

Is red, blue, warm orange, grass green and other rich colors, high saturation of the fluorescent color is the main spring and summer of 2014 popular colors, Disney Kay women lead the fashion trend in the forefront of the spring and summer of 2014 introduced a variety of Lake blue single product, this lake blue print jacket elegant and romantic, and the same color package hip dress embellished in the personality accessories, luxury art sense instantly enhance, wear a charming temperament, easy to attract the attention of others.

  1. Microfiber Fabric is thinner and longer than traditional fiber. The fiber has strong fluffy effect, soft touch, wrinkle resistance and air permeability.
  2. Microfiber Fabric will not pilling and shedding wool, and has a good handle. Moreover, the superfine denier fabric has a long service life and will not undergo protein hydrolysis.
  3. Microfiber Fabric has high fiber density, strong adsorption capacity and easy cleaning.

Strip Microfiber Fabric

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