Related surveys show that 80% of women wear the wrong underwear. Recently, studies have found that women's breasts are divided into seven different types of shapes, and your breast width, shape and thickness actually affect your choice of underwear cup. So, these seven shapes of breasts how to choose the right underwear it? What are normal chest type? The shape is teardrop, slightly protruding at the bottom, is the kind of man and woman love, perfect! What to wear: almost any style. 1/2 or 3/4 cups are the best fit. Have a perfect breast shape, naturally, what to wear underwear look good, just let a woman jealous hate ah! Then choose a beautiful underwear to show the charm of women. East-to-West Breast This type of woman, the chest shape toward the outer torso, but in the chest center position is empty. A T-shirt bra will meet your needs. 1/2 or 3/4 cups are the best fit. The so-called T-shirt bra is actually the most common and simple piece of underwear. It is more comfortable, there is no excessive pressure on the chest and shaping, which is particularly suitable for the east-oriented type of chest, especially the small chest type. Also more wild, suitable for almost all of the coat. External expansion Thoracic external breast enlargement is often more plump, more than the east-to-thoracic, chest is still on both sides of the body. Gathered underwear is the best choice for external breast enlargement, which will help bring the breast together. Gathered underwear will generally have a thick lining highlight the chest type. This type of gather-type underwear just fit the chest slightly larger external breast enlargement. If the chest is slightly smaller or honest to wear T-shirt bra, or too much padding may cause some chest problems. Spherical chest type The so-called spherical chest type is the same as the two breasts round the same ball, the same complete top and bottom. This type of breast is almost perfect, do not gather, so unlined underwear just right! 1/2 or 3/4 cups are the best fit. No lining means no support and shape, such a sexy burst of underwear with a spherical chest type is simply perfect. At the same time it is also the big booby sister summer gospel, cool. But there is another problem is that over-thin underwear (only a layer of yarn) may dew point, so before buying not only to wear underwear and to wear a coat test. Sagging thoracic sagging women's S-shaped curve is not obvious, the chest is only full at the bottom. Normal to full cup underwear can be helpful to enhance this part of the thoracic female chest line. Drooping chest type must remember the choice of their underwear, can not be lazy, winter clothes can not wear too thick or do not even wear underwear, which is a major cause of chest sagging. Full cup of underwear has a very good role in promoting, if the chest drooping serious, you can choose the appropriate adjustment underwear. Slightly larger breasts sister, try to choose a wide shoulder underwear yo! Little thigh girls look here! What is a small chest? ! Although there is no strict sense of the small chest, but if your breasts grow longer than wide, then it must fit this type. For small chest MM, gather type is your best choice. Compared to the heavy cotton liner, I also recommend the deep V gathered underwear. 1/2 cup the most suitable. Left and right chest asymmetry Each person's breasts are not the same, a person's two breasts may also be the size and shape of the asymmetry or different. If the difference between the size of the two breasts is large enough, you can use a piece of another underwear without inserts to meet. Insert type underwear is more common, the choice of space is relatively large, even if you buy particularly thick underwear inserts, you can also buy a treasure of their own needs for a variety of thickness inserts.

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