Prairie is our nature, we should look at the impression of grassland, grassland brand impression, the 2014 Shenzhen Garment Exhibition Impression Prairie to environmental protection as the theme, to promote environmental protection, but also to promote conservation of all people, to protect the ecology of grasslands, Let's take a look with Xiaobian, environmental protection theme costume design it.

Impression Prairie paper skirt design, the model in the middle, so that the overall become more creative, layered paper skirt design, coupled with red and beige shirt style, paper skirt can be so waste More, while the choice of clothing is fresh and clean, the impression that the grassland is mainly cashmere, tailored and comfortable clothing, designed for women to create healthy and comfortable with a confident style.

印象草原来自鄂尔多斯原生态羊绒量体定制 亮相2014深圳展环保草原风

Simple style design, light and comfortable cashmere style, from the door you can see the exhibition hall of clothing styles, simple but yet stylish, simple and understated version, but wearing the body is absolutely comfortable and stylish.

Siro spinning is two rovings are fed to drafting at the same time & twisted together as a double yarn.

Benefits of Siro Compact Spun:

Low hairiness, low thin and thick neps, smooth & good abrasion resistance, good wear resistance, 

better fiber orientations, fewer joints, fewer variations in the uniformity in the yarn.

Siro Compact Spun

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