Just after the end of the drama “Ban Sang Saga”, Jing Jing airborne to Shenyang, Jing Tian attended the opening of the new store in Shenyang Vientiane City. Jing Tian is dressed in a fresh and sweet short skirt.

The just-concluded TV series "Class Shu Legend" shooting crank back to Beijing Jing Tian airborne Shenyang, attended by King sweet city Lancy Living Museum Shenyang Vientiane City store opening ribbon cutting. Jing Tian dressed in a fresh skirt and sweet appearance, face if the peach Qiao Xiao Qian Qian, heart-shaped chest hollow design vaguely revealed a bit sexy, white skin crystal clear, blown bullets can be broken.
At the event, Jing Tian cut the ribbon for the opening of the new store, and went shopping with the company's top management. The brand's top executives praise Jing Jing: "Jing Tian's temperament is unique and diversified. It is sweet and youthful, and her dedication to the cause and Enjoy Life's attitude coincide with the brand's positioning." Looking at the development of the fashion industry in recent years, when the international front-line brands select partners, the star's temperament must meet the brand's characteristics under the premise of ensuring the visibility of the artists.
Since his debut, Jing Tian has been favored by the brand with its stylish and healthy image, fresh and elegant temperament and good looks. He has frequently cooperated with international brands such as Dior, Gucci and Tod's and gained brand recognition. Unanimous praise. On the day of the Shenyang event, Jing Tian was wearing a light green and fresh skirt with nude color high heels. Her heart-shaped hollow heart design revealed vaguely sexy, leading the trend of the early summer of 2014. Qiaoxiaoqian Qian played the blown bomb, youthful atmosphere and Sexy and romantic collisions highlight the self-characteristics of girls who are in a mood for love and make business value a step further.

Jing Tian Attends the Opening Ceremony of the New Store of Shenyang Vientiane City

Jing Tian Attends the Opening Ceremony of the New Store of Shenyang Vientiane City

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