Miner Larany is France's most famous online game protagonist, his classic nails decoration, the old flannel camel yellow coat, a typical bald style, coupled with the sword behind, and created a virtual legend of modern stars online. Larany draws on the influence and popularity of Miner Larany to create a modern fashion brand. Larany emphasized self-confidence and freedom of wear, focusing on style and brand consistency, and gradually become the classic brand in mind, while Larany stressed the creation of shopping space, from French architecture and decoration to the props carefully displayed from clothing to lighting , Props and space interspersed combination, all everywhere show modern and tradition, the perfect expression of the whole and details. Larany Lareley men's brand vision: the leading brand of fashion men's civilians, so that more people feel fashion, easy to have fashion, the perfect interpretation of life. Brand core values: environmental protection, fashion, innovation. Advocate a positive attitude towards life, the pursuit of a sustainable fashion lifestyle, both in product design and sensory or product development, are trying to fashion and innovative elements into the brand culture and style ideas. Core consumer groups: 25-35-year-old urban population chasing the quality of life; young healthy, confident young people. Product style positioning: New classic, fast fashion, series. Dissemination Positioning: Public welfare activities, mainly fashion and cultural transmission, with soft paper, flat carrier, public relations measures, supplemented by a wide range of brand promotion. Channel positioning: the country's second and third tier cities store.

Carpets in China has 2000 years of history, after so many years of development and evolution, now is not only limited to the floor function, but has become a high-level of home decorations, bring a gorgeous beautiful visual effects, also has thermal insulation, moisture-proof, comfortable, and other functions. Its scope of application and applicable occasions are very wide. 

This product is a blend of artistic inspiration, fashion elements and green technology. Unique design ideas, with the coordination of color, combined with each product unique taste for your home with a new spirit. Warm feeling from the foot of the beginning! Our professional designer lay out many latest and novel design which are well acceptable by the world market. There are different style for your selection, like the retro, rural, abstract, the simple style and so on. Our products with the combination of classical and fashionable, Make your home unique, being remarkable. 

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