Ben Wang, Feb. 17th, recently directed Guo Jingming to publish posters in the protagonist of Weibo. It can be seen that with the development of characters, the position of the characters is different from before, and the costume styling has also changed. However, the luxury of the clothing has not been reduced, which is comparable to the big show.

Lin Xiao (Yang Mi ornaments)

“She has turned from a young girl to a professional woman, but her dependence on love's sisters has never changed.” Indeed, in the new movie, Lin Xiao is no longer talking about female college students wearing sneakers, but wearing them. Professional women in high heels and suits.

Miu Miu 2013 Winter Clothing Collection

Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2013 Garment Series

Gu Li (Guo Caijie)

“She is a cold and cold queen, but her soul is hot and bright.” Gurie still maintains the image of a noble and glamorous queen. Her black dress and fur are her essential items.

Lanvin Fall Winter 2013 Garment Series, Celine 2013 Fall Winter Garment Series

Nan Xiang (Guo Biting) & Tang Wanru (Xie Yilin)

“One is the male and female gods and the other is the house female male body; one is the dream garden fairy gods and one is the Shanghai miracle; one is the water in the moon and the other is the flower in the pit. One is a mystical and glamorous fire tree silver flower. They are the sisters of the ages, the north and south poles, Affecting our emotions and griefs, we all love them.” The goddess Nan Xiang is no longer a pure plaque with the escalation of the plot, but more radiates a mysterious and dark breath, which also reflects the character's character in the styling. A change. Tang Wanru is still taking the line of vitality of the sport, but it seems that the big name wears on her and does not seem to show a sense of quality. ”

Fendi 2012 early autumn series

DKNY2013 autumn and winter clothing series

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