Recently, I read a soft-text advertisement of a building materials store. The title is "Responsibility 315, XXX teaches you rational consumption". The content also tells some industry shady, and then reminds consumers not to be fooled. I agree and support that merchants can really think about the interests of consumers, but oppose the advertisements that the store tries to educate consumers.

I have contacted many SME bosses at work, and I often hear them use the reason that the market is very chaotic and consumers are irrational to explain why the company's sales are not doing well. Every time "3.15", there are always a lot of companies selling honesty in the media, and believe that winning consumer trust is an important goal of corporate publicity. Just because companies are aware of consumers in this way, there are often slogans that “advocate rational consumption”. In the eyes of many companies, consumers are very ignorant, so they "have been on the competitors". For this reason, they are outrageous and stand up and shout "good faith", calling on consumers to "rational consumption rather than being fooled."

For many products, consumers do not know much, so they are indeed fooled, and treacherous businessmen are often successful. This phenomenon makes the profiteers smug, so that legitimate businessmen hate anger. But from the need of corporate marketing to "sell products", not only treacherous businessmen can take advantage of the "ignorance" of consumers, but those who advertise "legitimate businessmen" can also take advantage of consumers' "ignorance." Because you sell good products to "ignorant" consumers is not a sin, but instead see if you will sell.

Enterprises advocate honesty should be praised, wrong to let consumers agree with your integrity and then buy your products. Starting from our own reality, we also know very little about too many products. For example, before the Sanlu milk powder incident, who will know more about the ingredients of milk and then buy it? Who will have toxic doubts about milk? Therefore, when people buy milk products, they only look at the price and brand and make the choice that suits them. Let consumers understand the product, understand the peers, understand the insider of the industry, and make the purchase decision after comprehensive understanding. This is the so-called rational consumption, but there are too many impossibility objectively, because it is too difficult for consumers to be rational. It takes a long time to understand the products and markets, and consumers must have enough patience. At the same time, enterprises must promote honesty to consumers and instill in consumers the idea of ​​rational consumption. It is inevitable to talk about cases of dishonesty. Consumers often regard this preaching as if you are attacking others, not only difficult to meet. Your claim is contrary to you.

In theory, consumers always pay attention to the products or services they need, such as the quality of products, prices, services, etc., in reality, it is true that consumers can not pay attention to the goods they want to accept or service. The problem is that consumers' attention is emotional, not the rationality that some companies imagine. For example, if a newly opened decoration company is opened, as long as a certain amount of advertisements are placed, the company is depicted better, and then a little price stimulus, the consumer will hand over the decoration business to such a company. From the perspective of rational requirements, consumers who want to decorate new houses should pay attention to the design and construction technology of the decoration company, and whether the newly opened company can be qualified is still not verified, but the consumer makes the consumption decision based on the advertisement of the enterprise; Another example is the opening of some stores, some merchandise special promotions will attract many consumers to queue up for purchase, some later consumers will not ask any reason, just stand behind the team and follow others to join in the fun, spend half a day or even longer queue, even if If you buy a product, you don't have to save a few dollars. If you use the time spent shopping together to do something else, you will earn more than you enjoy, but consumers will not do it. Like some of the most common vulgar advertisements that everyone is familiar with, melatonin is said to be a “gift”. Consumers will not do anything to distinguish them. Gifts will be done according to advertisements; and Hengyuanxiang only lets people know, and Do not make any explanation for the product, the consumer only knows "Hengyuanxiang" and does not know the inner product of the product. He thinks that the advertisement has done so much to buy him. Even the toothpaste advertisement that "the tooth is good appetite" is also confused by the consumer. Accepted.

Consumers don't have a comprehensive understanding of products, companies, and markets. There are always a lot of random decisions in the consumption process. If you feel good, you decide to buy. Therefore, many businesses do not do business because they are not honest, but because they say "rational consumption" but they can't win the recognition of consumers, and even talk to consumers.

In reality, most consumers only pay attention to the products or services they need. Before the incidents of consumer protection problems occur, they will not know whether a company is honest and trustworthy. Take ourselves as an example, we are consuming a variety of goods every day. How many producers of goods can cause our attention? The answer is few. Consumers who have never touched a product always rely on the interest stimulated by the merchant as the basis for the purchase decision. In the process of using, they have an understanding of the satisfaction of the product, such as the purchase of not the product but the service. After receiving the service, I will know the satisfaction of the company.

Judging from many examples, the market is always "irrational" consumers, those who try to tell consumers "I am honest, I am reliable", please "rely buy my products", because of deviation With the gradual process of consumer awareness and behavior, it is impossible to achieve good performance by selling in reverse. To say that consumers rely on their interests to make all kinds of consumption decisions is "ignorance", those who speak honesty should learn to use the "ignorance" of consumers to sell your good products or services by inspiring consumers' interest. , through your practical protection to consumers to reflect your integrity.