Mio multi MODEICON naturally confident and strong brand, its apparel everywhere reveal a confident atmosphere. New elegant urban white-collar women, no matter in any occasion, can find their own dress, enjoy personal style and charm. This summer, the Mi-Duo MODEICON women 's floral series colorful and charming, only for you.
Graceful chiffon skirt appears on schedule in the summer, chiffon meticulous and romantic, is to enhance the temperament of a good helper, editors recommend for you the super fairy chiffon skirt, elegant and expressive, so you show full Yuan temperament. Clever ride dresses, transfiguration honey female, to date it.


Mioteo MODEICON Women: This summer, talk about floral love with this print chiffon fabric feel soft and smooth, the upper body very highly upscale charm. The color is saturated. Abstract floral pattern elegant atmosphere, graceful, quite a bit artistic style. Just the right texture, the most suitable to wear in the summer.


Miodeuo MODEICON Women: This summer, talk about a love with the floral bar this summer to talk about a love with the Floral! Floral can give you unlimited possibilities, charming charm overflowing from each petal. Skirts with smooth skin-friendly chiffon fabric, hem from the petals reveal the feminine, layered sense of the resulting.

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