Ganzhou, Ganzhou, thousands of miles of the first city of Ganjiang, Free Point. Fashionable freedom strong point into writing Fashion chapter: November 20, Miss Zhang Ganzhou successful hand in hand signing brand, free Jiangxi market again successful layout. Gannan Pocheng, Marshal Chen Yi, "Meiling three chapters" to the "difficult business start more difficult"; red capital, Free Point. Free fashion add new store continued market boom!

时尚自由点 -Free point.

Ganzhou, otherwise known as pious, provincial center city of Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Province is also the largest area, population and under the jurisdiction of counties and prefectures of the prefecture-level cities. Free Point. Fashionable Free Dot Layout Jiangxi market has completed the presence of counties in Fuzhou, Ruijin, Shangrao, Gannan Xia'nankang, Dayu, Ningdu and other nearly counties. Nearly 20 fast-fashion high-end classic ladies' shops continue with Jiangxi The market's shiny heat, the trend of wild quality women's dedication in the terminal fashion women!

新店签约不停歇 Free Point.时尚自由点江西赣州喜添新店

Free Point. Fashion Point of freedom uphold the fast fashion brand development strategy, a mature operation of the entire store output system and the market terminal highly competitive sales, won the apparel industry a high degree of brand recognition; fashion, casual with wild Women's boutique, but also to enjoy the comfort of high quality sought after by the market terminal women and favor.

新店签约不停歇 Free Point.时尚自由点江西赣州喜添新店

新店签约不停歇 Free Point.时尚自由点江西赣州喜添新店

Free Point is committed to creating China's most viable fashion brand fast fashion women , fast fashion women's clothing store for the extension of the national market, the trend of affordable quality women's fashion tide as the basis for consumer spending, "free life, Variety By my "brand advocates for the cultural resonance, Free Point. Fashion freedom point is to make the brand shine, play fast fashion brand unlimited influence and charm!

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