Recently, poetry Man Fen in Beijing 2012 spring and summer series of plant slimming underwear show, has attracted the attention of many media, as China's top ten underwear brands in the spring and summer fashion week show, Shi Manfen its Personality fashion design style, passionate interpretation of the style, dedication of a wandering walk in the introverted and introverted charm visual feast, robbed the underwear market eye.


Underwear hidden in the underwear, not shown in front of people, underwear show so that underwear from the "behind the scenes" to the "front desk" has become a popular art. The show floor, poetry Man Fen inviting young and beautiful model "hand in hand" avant-garde underwear, generous into the crowd, to bring people a lot of visual impact, model affinity, a confident smile, combined with the devil Like a body and generous elegant temperament, set sexy, fashion in one, the poet Manfin plant slimming underwear beauty and love, accurately convey to the audience audience.

Poem Man Fen underwear show, highlighting the individuality of the product itself, as an important means of branding, whether it is in the early stages of the brand, or the development period, or even the maturity of this show can brand products And the image played a very good guiding role, improve the visibility of the brand, establish a brand image, drive sales and increase sales all the more. Organize underwear show, the most important thing is to grasp a 'degree', that is, organizers must grasp the starting point of the underwear show, audience, at the same time in the operation to adhere to the principles of science and norms, innovation but not unusual, but popular Not vulgar, businesses through the lingerie show pull the market, promote the promotion at the same time, must also be 'sensible', that is, a social and moral standards of binding, the only way to underwear show truly refined.


Poem Man Fen will play the role of this show to its fullest, according to reporter observation, the show watching the major fashion celebrities, brand businesses are quite satisfied with the show, is expected to Schmeichen plant slimming underwear is about to usher in A new round of sales frenzy. In 2012, the market attraction of siamese fragrance plant slimming lingerie is bound to be even more than the show.

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