Relative to the doll collar, workplace women will be more suitable for v-neck clothing. Women should show their charm, slightly exposed career lines, will make you more easily on the road to success in the workplace. There are times when it is a matter of course for girls to be cautious. Here we will introduce two Joe products urban women , specially shaping the intellectual woman. Suitable for their own are popular.


This stitching skirt looks very capable and handsome, but vaguely revealed the feminine. White cotton shirt, comfortable fabric, simple version suitable for all types of girls. Stitched denim skirt waist style, outline the charming waist. Smooth lines, compact stitching, reflects the clothing of the fine. With a pair of high heels, full gas field.

职业女性v领装 小心机巧露性感事业线

This dress is very Chinese clothing features, people like this trend contains retro style. v collar style, highlights the charming clavicle and white complexion. Blue cuffs and belt embellishment, very refreshing and charming. Irregular clothing pendulum charm. With the light blue skirt style, in this summer left a remarkable shadows.

Picture comes from: Joe goods women's clothing

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