The long history, splendid culture of the Chinese nation, has a tradition of hobby sports, colorful sport goes back to ancient times. In the splendid civilization history of five thousand years in China, the movement is a bright main line. In the past hundred years, China has developed from being a backward country in sports to becoming a powerful sports country in Asia and moving toward a world-class sporting powerhouse. In 2008, when China successfully held the Beijing Olympic Games, the world felt the magnificent pride of the Chinese people "unite and rejuvenate China" and also confirmed China's sports dream. Sports hot whirlwind also quickly blew a new round of clothing brand war. In recent years, the world has begun to sport the popular sports, adult sports market more and more brands, in addition to international brands such as the domestic Li Ning, Anta, 361 °, Xtep, Erke, Peak, etc .; many commercial streets have become a sport A street brand. Children's clothing is also followed by adult popular trends, such as small Adidas, Nike, although the price positioning with adults almost, but still get the market recognition, it is because the market needs exist. Early 2008, in order to comply with the needs of the domestic children's wear market, r100 fashion sportswear formally entered the land of this sport in China, combined with the current humanities, because of their positioning movement coincides with the point of view, in the integration of China-specific After fashion elements, turned into a sporty fashion r100. Seventy-two changes in the needs of young costumes, change the athletic ability, change the style of the wind, change without borders blend! Let the Chinese youth reveal fashion in sports, promote the concept of sports in fashion! r100 fashion sportswear teenager, will be simple, exquisite tailoring to show the German fashion sports, vivid interpretation of the coexistence of vitality and creativity of fashion beauty. . Brilliant colors, with a streamlined sense of sportswear and neat everyday wear, interpretation of the unique German fashion concept. r100 juvenile equipment, all to sports fashion as a starting point, pay attention to "easy to wear good ride." The combination of fashion and sports, the unique German aesthetics and design concepts, in 2012, r100 sports fashion wind will once again swept the country's children and children, healthy growth for the children to provide a careful care and love. In 2012, r100 will offer you a disruptive sports fashion feast, add a beautiful landscape for the flower blossoming juvenile wear market, let you experience the charm of fashion sports belongs to Germany!

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