Pearl is a relatively soft jewel. It is not as dazzling as a diamond. Its beauty is restrained and subtle. Nanyang Pearl is the leader in pearls. It is naturally the object of people's enthusiasm, but how to choose the perfect Nanyang Pearl What?

The value of Nanyang Pearl is determined by their traits. These specialities are their strengths. Knowing these advantages will help you to purchase Nanyang Pearl.

South Sea Pearl


The more rare Nanyang Pearl is, the Australian South Sea Pearl is the largest in the world. From the smallest 8 mm diameter to the largest and most rare 18 millimeter diameter South Sea pearls. Such large and gorgeous pearls can only be cultivated in the high-quality waters of Nanyang.


The shape of Nanyang Pearl has two series of "traditional garden type" and "baroque variant". The round and flawless South Sea Pearl is the most rare and most expensive. In addition to the round pearls, other modern ring-shaped beads, uniquely shaped drop beads and the imaginative Baroque variants make the design of pearl jewelry endless.


Nanyang Pearl has a series of different natural colors, and the choice of color can be described as "color". It is purely personal preference, although it chooses the color and displays the personal color. In general, people love the traditional silver-white and brilliant golden South Sea pearls. As for the precious and rare red-stained white South Sea pearls produced in the clear and pure northwestern waters of Australia, people are more and more popular. Although different colors do not detract from the value of Nanyangzhu itself, the rareness of color directly affects the price of pearls.

Leather light

The bright lustre refracted from the surface of the South Sea pearl, together with the fascinating radiance transmitted from inside, is the first element that determines its value. The skin light of Nanyang Pearl can be a jump-like bright brilliance, or it can be a soft and elegant luster. There is always a luminosity in the whole series that can fully match the unique beauty, emotion and personality of the wearer. How the purchaser perfectly combines natural radiance with subjective judgment. The luster of Nanyang Pearl is natural and should not be altered or enhanced by any artificial means.


The smaller the South Asia Pearl is, the higher the value. Since Nanyangzhu comes from the natural mussels in the sea, nature often leaves a mark on the South Sea pearls. On average, only one out of every million mussels has the chance to produce a flawless South Sea pearl. The imprint on Nanyang Pearl just puts a unique temperament on each pearl and adds personality.

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