In the U.S. According to a survey conducted by a salon magazine, the average price of the Hair Extension is 439 US dollars. Some places may cost more and cost thousands of dollars. The market share of the hair extension is 250 million, accounting for 3% of the entire hairdressing retail market.
In Russia, light-colored hair such as blond hair is more popular because of its rareness. After going to Europe and the United States, the price will be greatly improved.

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In Russia, blondes have now grown into a huge industry. This industrial chain is like a pyramid, layered, and the higher the profit. At the bottom are the hawkers who ran through the backcountry, bought it from the hair owner at a meager cost, and then resold it to the wig factory several times. In the Mosalsk region, a 140-cm-long hairpin is priced at $50, which is the shortest hairpin, but the price will be turned over several times after moving to Europe and America.

Small boss earns millions of dollars a year

Mosalsk is an insignificant town in central Russia. On the road to the town, there is a brick building with several boxes of goods that are considered treasures by the locals - human hair, mostly natural blond hair.

The owner of the building, the owner of the largest wig processing factory in the local area, Kuznetsov said: "The world can no longer find this hair, the Russian hair can be said to be unique." He picked up a few The prepared hair has said: "Look, the best hair is like honey. It can be seen in the light and it is soft to the touch."

Kuznetsov’s factory specializes in processing human hair into hair extensions. In an empty yard next to it, more than a dozen workers are cleaning, dyeing, combing the hair, and sorting by color and length. These wigs made from real hair are mainly sold to the United States and some European rich countries, where the demand for wigs is extraordinarily large. The turnover of the Kuznetsov factory is very telling. Just relying on the wig processing business, this small boss can earn a net profit of 16 million US dollars per year.

According to reports, the United States is the world's largest wig market, there are tens of thousands of beauty salons in the United States to provide hair extension services, many African Americans have the habit of sending and receiving. In recent years, led by American idol singer Jessica Simpson and socialite Paris Hilton, the trend of shallow hair has become increasingly popular. Kuznetsov explained that, compared with brown-black wigs from Asian countries, light-colored hair such as blond hair is more popular because it is relatively rare and easily dyed into other colors.

Natalie, a 26-year-old Russian girl, lives in a village in Mosalsk, where there is no running water. Half of the villages have an average annual income of less than $300. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the crops in this place were very poor. However, now Natalie finds a way to make money with almost no cost: leave his hair, wait until it grows to the waist, cut it down and get it to the town to sell it, there is a person responsible for the acquisition.

Natalie relies on this poor income to feed her younger siblings, but it takes another year to leave her hair and wait until the next sale. In the local area, most of the hair sales are women who are financially disadvantaged and do not have much choice. In extremely poor areas, these accumulated hair has become a resource that can finally help in an economic crisis. The New York Times reported that in some poor areas of Russia, hair is the last thing people can sell.

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