Regardless of the summer is to let the baby completely relax or continue to learn, fashion can not be dropped. Because beautiful fashion clothes will make you feel happy, children are oh. On the party, go relatives, go to the beach to play Fun can freely. Happy party weekend let your fashionable baby happy party, innocence baby turned gentleman, small caterpillar childrens wear this summer with a handsome guide. Casual comfort into a variety of fashion elements full of freshness, simple and personalized design of the product makes the product presents a high-end, look good and wild, create stylish handsome baby. Fashionable baby to visit relatives and friends to create a baby sunshine lady style, let your baby to visit relatives more sunny, small caterpillars this summer to launch the sun fresh air, comfortable fashion, sweet princess dress, fashion mom and so on, for your baby To create a fresh and pleasant fashion little people to go to the beach to play fun summer series of insects, warm seaside costumes, brilliant colors, wild style, a variety of choices for the baby, seaside play more comfortable, the season is sweeping Print series, the summer flowers, even more sweet and pleasant, cartoon T-shirt single-product design, but also playful and diverse, small caterpillars with good skills to help you create a summer fashion charming baby.

This fabric need yarn dyeing first, then knit fabric according to repeat. It is divided Auto stripe and Y/D. Repeat for Auto stripe is more than 4cm for Jersey, if less than 4cm, it is Y/D jersey. To be attention that repeat is only 2cm for Y/D if it knitted by double machine such as rib, Ponte Roma, Interlock etc.    

Y/D Series

Poly Span Rib,Stripe Rib Poly,Cotton Poly Rayon,Jersey Poly Cotton Rayon

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