February 9, 2014 Soma women 's clothing company after the Chinese Lunar New Year, officially started in the new year! First of all, to all Soma family and the majority of Soma customers and customers to send a Happy New Year, Year of the Rat! Soma Clothing Co., Ltd. Wenzhou bring two major brands soma fashion women, Edvieri cheap and fast women in 2014 will go all out to bring customers more fashion and exciting Soma! Wealth Hotline:


SOM SOM (SOOM) originated in South Korea's high fashion brand, was founded in the mid-1960s in Kyushu, South Korea. August 2000, SOM SOM (Soma) trademark successfully registered in mainland China, while Wenzhou Soma Fashion Co., Ltd. became SOM (Soma) trademark holders.

Founded in 1999, Wenzhou SOM SOM Garment Co., Ltd. has become a modernized women's enterprise integrating design, production, marketing and management after a few years of development. . Has advanced plant and improve the marketing network, and into the information management system model, the current has opened in the country brand counters, stores up to more than 320.

SOM SOM is the perfect combination of SEIFHOOD, OPTIMISM and MODERM. It combines leisure, fashion and modernity with its main target group of 25-35-year-old white-collar workers. Its products are unique Personality, elegant and dynamic.

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