That year, Bang Chen introduced Showy & Co. (Xiuyi) into our lives. Show also plain clothes revealed the insistence on the material, similar to but is better than Europe and the United States Department of high-profile gorgeous style, but his design inspiration is even more unique. Move the mouse to see these two Yi Yi's eye-catching at it.


This bright, rose-red, solid-color shirt is fresh and pink. Round neck fashion and take clothes, gold trinkets even more noble. Stacked shoulder flower design is also very suitable for narrow shoulder MM. Waist skirt to improve, adjust the ratio, with black leggings, was significantly thinner.


A look away, you know that is a delicate woman. The most brisk belt is waist belt slightly. Not like the Department up, more like do not go up, enough to see this self-cultivation skirt waist curve to create impeccable. Little flowers come together to highlight the curvature of the chest, small chest MM has a magic weapon.

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