Ben Wang, March 28, unknowingly, March has reached the end of the month, the weather in the south has been quietly heading for the summer. Want to be the fashion crush of the summer of 2010 Attention to the beauty of the United States - the first to give everyone the collection of ten pairs of high-heeled sandals will be the most popular this summer, so that you are infinite charm from head to toe Oh! Let's stand up, everyone, let's wear a pair of shoes to welcome the sunny summer.

Sexy high heels to create a beautiful slender curve! Shows beautiful lines on the front or the side! Comfortable texture made of leather inside the feet.

Cross-belt design immediately creates a sense of slenderness! 2cm thick bottom + high-heeled modified legs ratio immediately perfect! Comfortable soft leather foot pad production.

Cross design STYLE street eye-catching 100%! Before the thick-bottom 3cm design ~ ultra-stable super good walking ~ fashion magazine crazy loaded spring and summer popular classic will start shoes.

Designer selection and ankle boots high heels, elegant avant-garde metal clasp, pre-made and inboard zip design ingenuity.

Metallic colors create exquisite eye-catching attention, each step attracts everyone's attention, simple and stylish to the ultra-deep little devil style.

V-shaped fashion charm is irresistible - perfectly wrapped cross weave design makes the foot more slender! 8cm heel that makes overall ratio UP super sexy ~!

Drilled Rome high heels fashion must-have items, waterproof platform with golden leopard fabric and coffee color double layer with a full, so that 3 cm waterproof platform can also show the texture temperament.

The staggered strap design reveals a sense of individuality and originality. The V-shaped dug-out design visually and cleverly extends the leg curves. The simple style reveals a sexy, casual style and is full of unbeaten fashion sense.

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