Tata Garments Co., Ltd. of France is the French [Y & F] enterprises targeting China 3-6 fashion girls market positioning brand apparel company. The image of the endorsement cartoon is popular in France and represents the fashion, romantic, sophisticated style "Tata cat." Gentle and lovely image has long won many fashion girls in Europe widely loved! While designing and manufacturing apparel, the company focuses more on brand culture, children's physical and mental health exploration and research. Through the combination of scientific product design and child physiological development, we have launched a full range of children's wear that meets the growth characteristics and cultural taste of China. The Dardaer brand combines the French industry's strengths in product development, quality management, logistics and distribution, and brand support. With a strong marketing market in China as the background. Into the East-West culture and fashion ideas, and guide the trend of modern high-quality oriental clothing. Brand Profile Nickname: Dardaer, Tata child; Sex: Catwoman; Age: 6 years old; Place of birth: France - Lafayette Castle; Hobbies: makeup, cat walking performance; like the color: pink and pink blue; like Food: caviar with Italian lasagna; Ideal: Hawaiian Islands holiday

    Waist Interlining is a kind of woven  interlining ,specially used in waist of the trousers and skirt . It can make the waist fabric hard ,skid resistance,and setting the pattern .

    It can be cutted to strip ,maybe 20mm ,or 30mm or 50mm to fit the clothes size . 



Waist Interlining

Waist Interlining,Black Waist Interlining,Non Fusible Waist Interlining,TC Waist Interlining

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