Pearl is a precious gift that nature has given us. As the saying goes, "Zhuyuan Yurun" means that the pearl is more rounded, but the value of the pearl is even higher. However, from this aspect, it is a bit unilateral. The editor firstly from the aspects of the pearl itself. To explain to you, when choosing a necklace, how to choose a good bead first.



This should be the clearest thing. As the saying goes, Zhu Yu Yu Run is to describe the more round the pearl, the more valuable it is, and the more valuable it is. Generally, the roundness of seawater pearls is better than the roundness of freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearl necklaces are the most common in the market, but all the oblate, elliptical pearl necklaces are cheaper, and the roundness is slightly lower. The round pearl necklace has a higher value, which is rare.

2. Gloss

Gloss is the soul of pearls, and pearls with no light and less light lack aura. The pearl is formed by calcium carbonate. When the light hits the surface of the nacre, there will be reflection. When selecting the pearl necklace, put the pearl necklace on the white soft cloth and see the pearl flow overflowing with the warm luster. When you look at the light, you can see the light similar to the rainbow. If the pearl skin is lighter, you can see the reflection of the person. The pearl of the same grade, the pearl of the sea water is brighter than the pearl of the fresh water.

3. Color

The color and type of pearls are related, and the natural colors of freshwater pearls are common in white, pink and purple. Seawater pearls are common in white, gray, and gold. There is also the black pearl of Tahitian, which you are not very familiar with. The black pearl of Tahitian is a special product of the salt lake in the French Polynesia in the South China Sea. It is precious and unusual, and enjoys the reputation of the Queen of the Pearl and the Queen of the Pearl. Common colors are black and malachite green, and the intoxicating light is enticing. Nanyang Pearl, referred to as Nanyang Pearl, is produced in the South Pacific. The three major producing areas are the northwestern part of Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Because Australia is rich in production, it is generally called Australia South Sea Pearl. The value of pearls here is from low to high.

4. Finish

Since the pearl is cultivated by the clam shell, the surface of the pearl is not so smooth and round, and the surface of the pearl generally has threads, spots, marks, pits and dots. The less these are, the more precious they are, and the higher the value. However, a string of pearl necklaces is not perfect for every one, and it is generally not possible to see ç‘•ç–µ at a distance of 0.5 meters.

5. Size

The so-called "seven divided into beads, eight divided into treasure", generally less than 6 mm of pearls are not included in the category of jewelry-grade pearls, 7-9 mm is popular with consumers, 10 mm of pearls have been rare, more than 11 mm Only South Sea pearls and black pearls. Of course, as the size changes, the price also varies with the size of the pearl. Audrey Hepburn starred in the movie "Tiffany's Breakfast"

Every girl's fascination with her mother's pearl necklace when she was a child is definitely not as fascinating as she grew up. I remember Hepburn in Tiffany's Breakfast, a little black dress with a three-chain diamond pearl necklace, the elegant and feminine gesture, no one can match. The editor thinks that every woman must have a pearl necklace that is truly her own. However, in the face of the current market, the quality of the products, whether from the quality of pearls or mass-produced styles, do you find that these are not quite satisfactory? How to choose a pearl necklace that really suits your pearl necklace?

If the style of the pearl necklace is not properly selected, it will be easy to show old-fashioned, so we must work harder on the choice of style. The size and color of the pearl, the length of the necklace, and the factors that need to be considered are indispensable.


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