The brand-new brand VICTORIA&VERA's first national flagship store opened in Shenzhen Coast City. Special guest international supermodel Liu Wen visits V&V event site! In the VICTORIA&VERA event on the second floor of Shenzhen Coast City, the theme “The dream land” is displayed, bringing innumerable creativity and surprises. French high-level fun is at the scene...


In 1985, twin sisters of pure French aristocracy were born in Paris, France. They have been taught at a royal school since childhood, followed by their mothers in and out of aristocratic places. They can easily have luxurious clothes and expensive jewellery. They are also very interested in designing unique dolls, accessories, and dresses. Their superior design talents gradually emerge. ..

On January 12, 2003, the 18-year-old VICTORIA&VERA hosted their adult ceremony in the family-owned Blois Royal Castle: a grand fashion show. Numerous French nobles and fashion celebrities were invited to attend. The unforgettable performance of the White Hall opened the way for the sisters...

The success of the initial press conference made the two sisters convinced that creating beauty is the destiny. As a result, they gracefully appeared in the top spots of major fashion shows, becoming the focus of the spotlight.

His sister, VICTORIA, is passionate about making famous people around the world, working closely with artists from various European countries, and recording his understanding of life with his classic and unique designs.

Sister VERA loves to travel to places full of ancient stories and romantic styles, collecting the unique charm of each place, and integrating beautiful stories into her design elements.

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