In the third week of the new year (February 13-19), the short-fiber leather of China Textile City was not listed and the customers were scattered. The turnover increased slightly.

The distribution line of one-quarter short-fiber leather sales continued along last year, and there was a lack of response to the overall market trend in terms of variety, price, and sales. In the week, due to the fact that most transactions were interrupted by sporadic transactions, the market was dominated by stock-to-business relationships. However, some mid-thin spring-use varieties such as human leather imitation leather and human-cotton weft-enhanced imitation leather have small batches of decentralized transactions, and some oil-faced, relatively flexible, non-creaseable staple fiber t/c coated fabrics are used for jackets. , Viscose coated cloth, both small batches of multiple transactions, but also in the middle volume transactions. For example, in mid-thick leatherettes for sofas and suitcases, there were intermittent small-volume transactions, but most of them had no sales due to lack of communication before and after, and supply and demand were totally unrelated.

This week, Shaoxing Textile City's conventional market uses woven viscose rayon, cotton c/c, polyester/cotton t/c as the base fabric for all types of staple fiber coated fabrics, artificial leather, coated leather composite fabrics, etc. The total sales volume of fiber leather cloth is approximately 0.5 million meters, 10,000 meters, 0.5 million meters, 10,000 meters, 10,000 meters, 15,000 meters and 10,000 meters, and the total sales volume is approximately 60,000 meters per week. Nearly 50,000 meters grew steadily.

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